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Thematic Areas

The Expertise of the Members of CDP

Approach and Ethics
To promote environmental development and social well-being as means of providing individuals and local societies with better living standards and promoting partnerships to ensure sustainable development


Achieving empowered communities that ensure their equitable development


CDP was founded when a group of young professionals, all working in the field of environment and development, believed they could make a difference. This group was aware that it had a prime role in promoting social equity and environmental conversation as means of improved economic development.

Thematic Areas

Environmental Management

Conservation of Natural Resources

Development Planning

Public Health and Safety

Social Development

Corporate Social Responsibility
The Expertise of the Members of CDP

The Centre for Development and Planning is a newly established NGO. It was registered at the Lebanese Ministry of Interior on July 17th 2002 as a non-profit organization.

CDP is found by young professionals, with PhD and Masters Degrees and a great enthusiasm for public work. These professionals have large experiences in environment, sustainable development, building human capacities, and in managerial and organizational consultancy of public and local authorities.

As shown below, CDP members have a vast expertise working in partnerships with others especially international partners. This concept was incorporated into our objectives since we strongly believe that working jointly with others will result in more efficient, integrated and sustainable projects. Individually, we worked with the various UN organizations, World Bank, EU, USAID, the Lebanese Government, the Jordanian Government and many other partners as shown below.


   Environment                                            Capacity Building and Public Awareness

   Sustainable Development                         Managerial and Organizational Consultancies

Managing private companies that specialize in planning and executing environmental projects in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Yemen and Egypt. In addition to offering consultancies in the energy sector

Directing projects for solid waste management in Lebanon funded by the World Bank with a value of $55 million
Managing projects concerned in preparing and developing regulations regarding environmental quality, establishment classification, environmental monitoring, environmental awareness in the industrial sector by showing how to decrease cost using environmentally clean processes (Lebanon)
Supervising all the environmental projects in Lebanon that are funded by the World Bank in addition to planning new projects
Contributing effectively to the management of all the environmental projects in Lebanon that are executed by the United Nations
Specializing in preparing strategies to link the environment with development in addition to developing indicators for environmental monitoring (Lebanon)
Developing and implementing environmental programs in the Mediterranean which includes islands preservation, desertification, forest management, and biodiversity conservation
Contributing effectively to the development of the national program of biodiversity in Lebanon by conducting studies, putting regulation drafts and setting guidelines. In addition to the monitoring of biodiversity
Involving substantially in the UNDP Capacity 21 project which aimed to connect the ministries and the public sector with the private sector and NGOs in order to build the capacities to adopt environmentally clean processes (Lebanon)
Specializing in setting environmental plans for industry and municipalities (Lebanon and the surrounding region)
Involving substantially in developing the Environment and Development Atlas of Lebanon
Participating in designing several landfills and dumps in the USA
Participating in studies regarding Environmental Impact Assessment of the Normandy and Borj Hammoud dumps (Lebanon)
Conducting several environmental studies for the industrial sector in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria
Lecturing in universities in the domains of environment and solid waste management
Offering several professional studies regarding how to construct a landfill and recycling
Publishing several studies about setting modern environmental regulations and decrees in addition to solid waste management
Participating in developing the national plans and strategies for sustainable development and how to it can be monitored (Lebanon)
Assisting in developing and explaining the concept of Free Trade and Environment in the Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development
Preparing guidelines for the national strategy to link sustainable development and environment in Lebanon
Planning and executing several water projects in Lebanon, Egypt, and Africa
Designing several hydro-mechanical products with a clean environmental impact (USA)
Lecturing in universities in the topics of sustainable development, monitoring and implementing it
Lecturing in universities how to plan, schedule, organize and execute projects
Publishing  several studies on the topic of utilizing the Lebanese water resources as an economic source for the country
Being members in several international syndicates, forums and organizations that specializes in sustainable development especially in Switzerland, Canada, Great Britain and the USA
Partnering with several local NGOs in order to develop its capacities, broaden its horizons and widens their scope of work (Lebanon)
Planning and carrying out several seminars and workshops that gathered specialists and professionals from all over the world in Lebanon and Egypt
Strengthening the human capacities of the industry by relating clean production to cost reduction (Lebanon)
Building capacities for the employees of the Lebanese Ministry of Environment
Executing a project to facilitate the procedures and processes in the Ministry of Environment.
This project is funded by USAID through Amideast- Lebanon
Assisting the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Areas in drafting new policies for environment especially the National Environmental Code and the Environmental Impact Assessment guidelines (Lebanon
Sustainable Development
Capacity Building and Public Awareness
Managerial and Organizational Consultancies
Approach and Ethics

Our role is to act as an agent of change in the society through our initiatives. We work in a spirit of commitment and cooperation. We listen and learn, and believe that each individual can  make a difference in promoting the well-being of the society he lives in.

We believe that communities have hidden assets that can be the building blocks of sustainable development. Therefore, our aim is to unleash these potentials and put them in front of the public so they will be engaged in the development process.

By this, our projects will be considered as investments that generate social and environmental dividends, as they are based on the need of the community and cater for the fulfillment of that need. One has to be strong to make a difference, and we truly believe in our strength.

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