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Handling Environmental Lebanese Procedures (HELP)

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The Ministry of Environment is a newly created ministry, but lacks the material and human resources that allow it pursue its role and responsibilities, especially at a time when the Lebanese environment has reached the red line. This drawback added to the economic, social and financial conditions of the Lebanese citizen in general and the civil servants in particular, contribute to the twist of legal procedures, the manipulation of laws and regulations and the increase of corruption.

The citizen who lacks knowledge and information about MOE (its role, responsibilities and jurisdictions) or is incapable of reaching the targeted departments, prefers over passing the applicable laws and systems and resort to informal or illegal means such as wasta or bribery.

Our objectives were as follows:

  1. Creating an information system at the Ministry of Environment (MOE) that facilitates the flow of work and interaction between the administration and its clients.
  2. Design a follow up mechanism for public complaints and proposals.
  3. Install a scheme that allow easy accessibility in the work setting .

The outputs of the project were as follows:

Thousands of pamphlets for every administrative procedure (total of 6)
Information packages for all the Lebanese municipalities containing copies of all the pamphlets since all the procedures that pass through MOE started in the local municipalities
Availability of these information online through the website of the ministry
Complaints Guidance System, to make the filing and processing of complaints easier
Information board showing the locations of the different MOE departments with their duties and their administrative hierarchal position
Electronic announcement board
Bulletin board
Location signs

Thousands of procedures are conducted yearly through MOE and the outputs of our project are facilitating it. Media coverage for this project was done by 3 TV stations, 2 radio stations and several newspapers.