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Projects Ideas
Proposal 1: Remediation of the Quarries
Proposal 2: Minimizing Littering on our Streets
Proposal 3: Minimizing the throwing of Cigarettes in our forests
Proposal 4: Improving traffic flow on our major streets
Proposal 5: Enhancing the knowledge of selecting and planting trees throughout our municipalities and private homes and gardens
Proposal 6: Increasing the awareness of municipalities on environmental issues through the publishing of an environmental municipal manual
Proposal 7: Creation of a CD-Rom tool that can be used by our teachers to conduct outdoor environmental awareness activities for their students
Proposal 8: Improving signage throughout the country for touristic purposes
Proposal 9: Creation of a national eco-tourist guide with associated maps (Per Casa)
Proposal 10: Enhancing the marine eco-system by placing our unused buses close to shore
Proposal 11: Creation of an agency for maintaining the safety and operation of our highways
Proposal 12: Creation of one unified emergency number
Proposal 13: Creation of one unified multi-lingual information number tailored for local and tourist needs
Proposal 14: Creation of a private blood bank for the whole country
Proposal 15: Enhance our emergency mobile services in resuscitation and other equipments
Proposal 16: Poverty alleviation in rural areas