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REACH OUT Newsletter

Reach Out is a monthly newsletter scheduled to be published by CDP in Fall 2006

It will be 8/12 pages full color printed on 24x34 cm 115 grams paper.

It will target youth between15-18 years

It has specific themes in addition to popular topics among this sector of the society.
Reach Out will focus mainly on developing the skills of youth and promoting them to be more efficient in their society. It aims at promoting good citizenship spirit and encouraging active participation in the community as a primary means for development and improvement of our country.
No politics will be included; just development, self improvement, interactive games, sports and entertainment.
Our target will be secondary students in the areas of Beirut, Matn and Keserwan in the initial phase. Covering all the secondary schools in Lebanon will follow in the coming months. This sector constitutes of 15 - 18 years old students which make them a niche target that has a high affinity to specific services and products
As a first phase (4 months) the newsletter will be published once every month and covers the secondary schools whether public or private in the areas of Beirut, Matn and Keserwan.

20000 (twenty thousands) copies will be printed in this initial phase. The list of schools to be distributed to can be found attached.

The topics to be covered are classified under four headings as follows:


                    ¨ Role of youth in the development
                    ¨ Ideas for youth initiatives to improve their surrounding
                    ¨ Success stories (interview and analysis)
                    ¨ Environment
           Self Improvement

                    ¨ Profile Stories (discuss a certain profession and what to study to achieve it)
                    ¨ Becoming wise at a young age (conveying lessons learned form life experience)
                    ¨ Nutrition

           Entertainment and Sports

                    ¨ Interview with a celebrity
                    ¨ New scientific innovations/discoveries
                    ¨ Movie guide
                    ¨ Interactive games
                    ¨ Websites to visit
                    ¨ Sports