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Food outlets and food factories are utilizing large amounts of frying oil, then disposing it in the sewage system creating a severe impact on underground water and biodiversity....
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Reach Out Newsletter
Reach Out is a monthly newsletter scheduled to be published by CDP in Fall 2006. It has specific themes in addition to popular topics among this sector of the society...
Lebanese Youth Development Assembly. An initiative to gather Lebanese youth in a professional organization in order to help them contribute to the development and welfare of their communities....

Citizenship and Environment
The project's aim is to marry the concepts of citizenship and environment in any social project or initiative that we conduct.
This project gathered young social leaders from 6 Mediterranean countries and ....

Pillars of the future
In line with its objectives, CDP always aims at partnering with youth since those people are the future actors of the society and they create its pillars....

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Welcome To CDP " Centre for Development & Planning "!

CDP was founded in Lebanon when a group of young professionals, all working in the field of environment and development, believed they could make a difference. This group was aware that it had a prime role in promoting social equity and environmental conversation as means of improved economic development.
Our main objective in CDP is to improve the quality of life.  

To achieve this goal,we continuously come up with ideas

that need some partnership and funding to be executed.  

You can help by either being a : Volunteer , Sponsor , Donor.



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