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One of the basic elements of good governance is the clear and transparent interaction between the governmental agencies and the public. Based on this, we conducted a project in the Lebanese Ministry of Labor (MOL) that aims at facilitating the procedures and permits done by MOL. Doing so, the public will have a clearer idea of what is needed for a certain procedure, where to submit it, how long it will take it and how much does it cost.

To execute this project, we secured the collaboration of the Ministry and the funding from USAID through the TAG program that is managed by Amideast. The project activities were as follows:

This project facilitates the procedures of 120,000 permit of procedure performed by MOL yearly. It received a good media coverage from almost all the Lebanese media especially the launching press conference.

Developing a brochure for every permit or procedure (total of 6), that shows what documents are needed, which department is responsible of it, how long it will take it to be accomplished and what is the cost. A flow chart describes the whole process also.
Conducting a survey to assess the old situation in regard of the number of procedures for each type and the percentage of people who know the right information to perform such a procedure. In addition, data were collected about the number of files that were returned from a certain stage due to lacking of a certain document.
Printing 10,000 copies of each of these brochures and distributing it to all the regional offices of MOL as well as on the entrance of the main premises. 
Developing a separate poster for each permit that displays the same information on the entrance of the MOL offices and the in the main premises.
Publishing all these information on a new website developed to MOL.
Publishing the contents of these brochures in a local daily newspaper (Addiyar) to increase the outreach of the project.
Conducting a post survey that analyzes the changes (results will be published soon)